Rope coiler

For production of Ø20-52 mm rope coils
High-quality coils

Key features

. Highly reliable

. Easy to maintain

. Simple, robust design

. Automatic stop at preset length

. Coiling speed adjustable

. Coiling torque adjustable

Rope range Ø20-52 mm
Coiling speed Max. 50 m/min.
Winding tension Max. 750N
Take-up, coiling head Ø1200 mm, adjustable traverse max. 800 mm, barrel Ø280 mm
Take-up, max. weight: Polypropylene 400 kg
Motor 2.2 kW AC motor with inverter drive
Voltage As required
Machine dimension Please see below leaflet for further information

Download the product leaflet:pdf c2052__coiler.pdf (614.7 KB)