Below listed machines and accessories are available in the Robco Engineering Showroom. Please contact us if you are interested in one of these machines.

Under normal conditions, these machines can be ready for quick delivery, if required.

Roblon Tornado 300 / AD 300
Including Doffing Robot

Roblon Tornado 300
Two-for-one heavy-duty twister

Roblon M155
Rope making machine 4-16 mm

Roblon ACC1400

Roblon WTU712ED
Heavy-Duty Take-up Winder

Roblon PU-300
High-speed pre-twister

Roblon C25
Rope coiler

Roblon TORNADO 300B
Two-for-one twister

Roblon POC10
Pay-off creel

Roblon POC15
Pay-off creel

Roblon POC20
Pay-off creel

Roblon POC30
Pay-off creel