Rope coiler

For production of Ø2-6 mm coils
One-spindle, two-spindle and four-spindle models
Semi-automatic binding of finished coils

Key features

  • Constant winding tension
  • Constant spindle speed
  • Simple, robust design
  • Highly reliable
  • Easy to maintain
Rope range Ø2-6 mm
Spindle speed 0-Max. 800 rpm
Coiling speed Max. 400 m/min.
Winding tension Max. 50N
Take-up, coiling head  Ø250 mm, adjustable traverse max. 200 mm, barrel Ø25 mm
Take-up, max. weight Polypropylene 4 kg
Voltage As required
Machine dimensions 1 spindle, Length: 1.6 m –  Width: 1.4 m – Height: 1.5 m
Download Product leaflet - PDF Download Product leaflet - PDF