• Combined strander and rope layer
• For production of rope from natural fiber yarns
• For production of rope from synthetic fiber yarns
• For production of coiled or loose rope
• Produces finished rope in any length
• Three-strand and four-strand models


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Key features
• Start to finish in one continuous operation
• Set lay length electronically
• Set production speed electronically
• Two rope lays per revolution
• Two motors with inverter drives
• Lightweight rotating parts
• Low noise level
• Low power consumption
• Compact, simple, robust design
• Easy to change strand twist
• Highly reliable
• Easy to maintain
• Haul-off system for take-up in cans or boxes
• External take-up: on coils, reels, hanks or loose in cans or boxes

 Rope range Ø3-10 mm
 Rope flyer speed 0-max. 670 rpm, depending on pre-twist factor
 Rope lay S and Z
 Twists per minute 2 x rope flyer speed
 Lay length Any length can be set electronically. 7-50 mm.
 Pre-twist factor 0.6-2.0 x rope twist
 Take-up capacity Unlimited
 Production capacity Please download product leaflet below
 Pay-off packages
Please download product leaflet below
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