• Specially designed for precision winding of extruded fibers
  such as tape, etc.


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Key features
• Fitted with a hardened scroll cam
• Parallel guiding of the cross-laying unit carried out on linear ball rails
• Equipped with pneumatic reverse stop
• Winding electronically adjustable, by use of synchronized drives
• Push-off system to assist with bobbin change is included
• One movable HMI to be used for up to 10 winders
• Excellent package quality
• Easy lay change
• Highly reliable
• Compact, simple, robust design
• Cutting-edge technology
• Easy to maintain

 Yarn range 10,000 – 120,000 dtex
 Yarn speed range 150 – 450 m/min
 Yarn 10,000 – 150,000 dtex
 Winding tension Dancer regulated tension 400 – 6,000 cN
 Yarn speed 80 – 300 m/min.
 Motor 0.37 kW AC motor with inverter drive
 Take-up spindle Ø200 mm mechanical, collapsible tube spindle
 Take-up max. weight 400 kg
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