roblon T77

Two-for-one twister

For production of strands and cable filler yarns from 100,000 to 1,350,000 denier
High productivity
Large take-up capacity
Take-up directly on to steel or plywood reels


Key features

  • In-feed from supply packages outside the machine

  • Constant winding tension

  • Hydraulic take-up system

  • Highly reliable

  • Easy to maintain

  • Low noise level

  • Low energy consumption

  • Simple, robust design

  • Fully enclosed machine

Yarn range 100,000 – 1,350,000 denier (Ø5-18 mm)
Twists per metre 4-10, S and Z
Flyer speed 0-max. 200 rpm
Twists per minute Max. 400
Yarn speed Max. 100 m/min.
Take-up Steel or plywood reel Ø910 x 610 mm, barrel Ø275 mm  
Take-up, max. weight Polypropylene 200 kg
Download Product leaflet - PDF Download Product leaflet - PDF