Two-for-one twisting machine
• Innovative technology
• Fully closed hydraulic take-up
• Suitable for in-line system
• For production of rope yarns and industrial fibers
• For production of tying twine and baler twine
• For plying pre-twisted yarns


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Key features
• Hydraulic control of balloon and winding tension
• Precision cross-winding with or without tube
• High-quality tubeless packages
• In-feed from supply packages outside the machine
• Easy threading
• Fast, easy doffing
• Easy to change traverse
• Easy to change twist direction
• Low energy consumption
• Low noise level
• Simple, robust design
• Highly reliable
• Highly efficient
• Easy to maintain

 Yarn range

10,000-100,000 denier in PP
10,000-130,000 denier in PA
10,000-150,000 denier in PES

 Twists per meter 20-134, S and Z
 Flyer speed Max. 3,500 rpm
 Twists per minute Max. 7,000 variable
 Take-up Max. Ø300 x 300 mm
 Take-up, max. weight Polypropylene: 10.5 kg
Nylon: 14.7 kg
Polyester: 18.4 kg
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