Roblon HS Twister

High-speed twister

High-speed two-for-one twister
Very flexible functionality
Mass-produces one product on all four spindles
Twists four different products at the same time

Key features

  • Four spindles that can operate independently

  • In-feed from supply packages outside the machine

  • Tension control at feeding point

  • Random winding on finished package

  • Quick package change

  • No rewinding necessary

  • Uniform lengths

  • Uniform twist due to synchronised transmissions

  • Increased breaking strength for some high-tenacity yarns

  • Automatic opening and closing of doors

  • Very high output

  • User-friendly to operate

  • Low noise level

  • Simple, robust design

Yarn range 1,000-10,000 dtex
Twists per metre 50-500, S and Z; or 20-200, S and Z
Flyer speed Max. 5,000 rpm
Yarn speed Max. 200 m/min.
Twists per minute Max. 10,000
Total twists per minute Max. 40,000
No. of spindles 4
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