One-for-one strander

For production of strands for tubular braiding
For production of strands for square braiding
Flawless strand formation
Highly flexible production
Minimum down time


Key features

· High output

. High output with high-tenacity fibers

· Minimum waste

. No re-threading of capstans, when changing lay

· Take-up directly on braiding bobbins

· Fast production changes

· Low power consumption

· Low noise level

· Highly reliable

· Easy to maintain

· User-friendly

Strand range Ø12-50 mm
Strand flyer speed 0-Max. 225 rpm
Strand lay S and Z
Lay length 50 mm – 690 mm/20-1.45 twists per metre
Production speed Max. 100 m/min.
Take-up, braiding bobbin Max.outer diameter Ø1,000 mm
Min. inner diameter Ø230 mm
Max. traverse 1,500 mm
Min. bore Ø180 mm
Take-up, max. weight Polypropylene 700 kg. Polyester 1,300 kg.

Download the product leaflet :  t99_strander.pdf (165 KB)