• For rewinding of numerous types of tape, yarn, twine and small rope
• New technology
• Improved package quality
• Flexible and modular design
• Electronic control of winding tension and bail pressure


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Key features
• Excellent package quality
• Automatic decrease of winding tension and bail pressure
• Easy change of take-up spindle
• Easy change of lay
• Easy change of traverse length
• Easy maintenance
• Yarn break detection system
• Diameter stop
• Infeed capstans
• Length counter
• Compact and modular design
• Electronic control of winding

 Take-up package Max. Ø350 x 300 mm
 Yarn range Up to 30,000 dtex
 Yarn speed Variable, max. 400 meters per minute
 Winding tension 300 – 3,000 cN, controlled by a pneumatically adjustable dancing arm
 Diameter stop Variable, max. 350 mm
 Take-up spindle Ø61, collapsible tube spindle
 Motor 1.1 kW AC and 0.75 kW AC motors with inverter drives
 Voltage 3 x 380-480 V, 50/60 Hz
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