Heavy-Duty Take-up Winder

 For precision winding of extruded monofilaments
High-quality packages of up to 225 kg
Long life
Low maintenance
Minimum down time

Key features
  • One-stop operator panel for changing number of winds yarn lay, bail pressure and winding tension

. Winding parameter programmable to change while running

. Choose constant or gradual decreasing winding tension during package build-up

. Excellent package quality

. Electronic setting of all winding parameters

. Take-up spindle and traverse unit synchronized by two motors

. Easy to change traverse width

. Compact, simple and robust design

. Cutting-ege technology

. Highly reliable

Take-up package Max. Ø800 x 700 mm. Cylindrical, straight ends
Take-up, max. weight Polypropylene 225 kg
Yarn Up to 100,000 dtex
Yarn speed 50-150 m/min.
Bail pressure 30-140 N. Electronically controlled by pneumatic cylinder
Winding ratio Elctronically-controlled
Gaining Adjustable, electronically controlled
Winding tension 200-1,250 cN, electronically controlled by pneumatic-adjustable ´dancing arm´
Motor 1.1 kW AC motor with inverter for spindle drive

0.37 kW AC motor with inverter for cambox drive

Voltage 3 x 380-480 V, 50/60 Hz

Download the product leaflet:  pdf wca830xe__winder.pdf (294.9 KB)