• Comprising of a dual strander and bobbin winder
• For production of Ø6-20 mm strands
• Simultaneously produces two strands for braiding


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Key features
• Production line controlled from winder
• Wind on one bobbin
• Wind on two separate bobbins
• High-quality strands
• High output
• Quick, easy bobbin change
• Low power consumption
• Low noise level
• Highly reliable
• Easy to maintain
• User-friendly

 Strand range Ø6-20 mm
 Strand flyer speed Max. 800 rpm
 Strand lay S-S and Z-Z
 Twists per minute 2 x strand flyer speed
 Lay length 62-250 mm/16-4 twists per meter
 Production speed Max. 100 m/min
 Pay-off packages/bobbins Ø100 mm
 Pay-off packages 2 x 24 of 300 x 300 mm
 Optional Adaption of machine to accommodate other package dimensions and number of packages
 Bobbin winder Please download product leaflet below
Download Product leaflet