March 2021

A Brighter Future

Despite the world pandemic, which we have all had to deal with since the beginning of 2020, we have also experienced that many of our customers have kept their faith in their strength and optimism about the future.

That is a fact which can be seen in the investments made by our customers, especially when looking at the second half of 2020 and till today.

A good example of that trend is the 20 units of our small high-efficient rope making machines sold in one lot to one of our many overseas customers, who is buying from Robco Engineering because of our high service level and the quality of our equipment. Know-how, Quality and Service makes us the world leader in our field – A fact that we are proud of and dedicated to maintaining.

Picture show some of the 20 machines before they were shipped out earlier this year to a new home and to many years of hard work ahead.

Machines on their way to their new destination.

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