WTU712ED - Take-up winding machine

Robco WTU712ED

Heavy-duty take-up winder

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WTU712MD - Take-up winding machine

Robco WTU712MD

Heavy-duty take-up winder

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WCA830XE - take-up winding machine

Robco WCA830XE

Heavy-duty take-up winder

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WTU1040ED winding machine

Robco WTU1040ED

Take-up winder

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WFX300M flex winding machine

Robco WFX350E

Flex winder

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WAU300M automatic rewinder

Robco WAU300M

Automatic rewinder

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High-performance rope and tape winding machines

Our advanced winding machinery redefine efficiency and precision, catering to heavy-duty requirements for big bobbins and smooth rewinding.

The Robco bobbin winder machines are engineered to meet the demands of diverse industries’ needs, from paper to cordage manufacturing. With focus on innovation and quality, our range of winding solutions ensures optimal performance and operation.

Featuring advanced technology and design, these winders and rewinding machines provide consistent winding tension resulting in superior packages.

Rewinding machines

Engineered for efficiency and accuracy, the Robco rewinders enable rewinding of various materials, including yarns, tapes, paper cord, small rope and twine.

Experience effortless rewinding with our fully automatic rewinders, designed to accommodate tubeless bobbins. Whether you are rewinding for storage or further processing, our rewinding machines streamline the entire process, maximizing productivity while minimizing operator intervention.

Heavy-duty take-up winders

Our precision winding machines are manufactured to meet the demands of industries reliant on extruded tape, monofilaments, twine and other materials.

The take-up winders can handle large bobbins with precision. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your extrusion or manufacturing process, these machines ensure consistent winding quality. Whether you’re working with challenging materials or high-speed production lines, our take-up winders deliver reliability and performance you can count on

The Robco take-up winders are particular suitable for winding flat, fibrillated tapes and split film tapes, monofilaments, multifilaments, technical yarns, coated yarns, stretched yarns and edge trims after the extrusion or manufacturing process.

See the WAU300 automatic rewinder in action below