• For production of finished coiled rope from natural and synthetic
  fiber yarns
• Three-strand and four-strand models
• Two-for-one system in stranding section
• One-for-one system in closing section
• Production line: crane, combined strander and rope layer
• Rewinder line: pay-off stand and ROBLON C1444 coiler


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Key features
• Many pay-off bobbins and large reel for production of long rope length
• High output
• High rope quality
• Fast take-up and re-coil operation
• Electronic settings for all production parameters
• Lightweight rotating parts
• Low noise level
• Simple, robust design
• Highly reliable
• Easy to maintain

 Rope range Ø14-40 mm
 Flyer speed MT98-370: 0-Max. 300 rpm, depending on pre-twist factor
MT98-550: 0-Max. 200 rpm, depending on pre-twist factor
 Rope lay S and Z
 Pre-twist factor -3 to +3 x rope twist
 Lay length 20-232 mm/48-4.3 twists per meter. Longer lay length on request
 Take-up, steel reel MT98-370: Ø1,000 x 1,000 mm traverse. Polypropylene 370 kg. Polyester 660 kg
MT98-550: Ø1,250 x 1,000 mm traverse. Polypropylene 550 kg. Polyester 940 kg
 Take-up, C1444 coiling head

Ø1000 mm x 600 mm; adjustable traverse max. 600 mm
Barrel Ø260 mm
Polypropylene 240 kg. Polyester 430 kg

 Reel capacity Please download product leaflet below
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