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In all parts of the world, customers produce tomato twine, baler twine, rope, sacks, and lot of other products using Roblon machines. All this day-to-day activity naturally leads to wear and tear on the parts of the Roblon equipment, despite of its reliability and strong Danish design.

With a competent and highly reliable support from our specialists in the Customer Service Department, machine downtime can be reduced to an absolute minimum. In cooperation with our customers, our specialists can check and optimize machine settings to ensure an efficient and smooth production performance. We also offer our customers comprehensive training in Saeby or on site.

Spare Parts that equal quality and performance with recommended components

By being prepared and using approved spare parts, you can avoid unwanted downtime and maximize your productivity.

The parts made for and used in Roblon machine are manufactured from first quality material to ensure an optimal performance. As we have many different customers from various industries, many of our solutions are customized, making Robco Engineering A/S the first choice for the right application.

We offer:

  • Customized solutions.
  • Flexible spare part packages.
  • Optimization of your equipment, e.g. by offering the Tornado electrical kit. 
  • Individual parts, when and if required.

Besides our wide range of machines and accessories, we also offer installation, commissioning, and training by our skilled personnel to guarantee a flawless and long-lasting operation. Our highly qualified mechanical, electrical and software engineers are ready for on-site consultations and service using their many years of experience to provide a highly effective training of operators and maintenance personnel,

Our customer training will put our customers in total control of their Roblon machines and will help gaining the maximum production output from the Roblon machine solutions.

Customer Service Center

+45 98 46 40 00  –

Mr Dennis Munch
Spare Parts Sales
+45 96 89 86 42

Responsible for:

Spare Part Sales

  • World-wide

Mr Bent Kristensen
Service Manager
+45 53 39 42 61

Responsible for:

Technical Consultancy
for cable equipment

  • World-wide

Mr Jens Sørensen
Service Manager
+45 96 89 86 27

Responsible for:

Technical Consultancy
for Rope Making equipment

  • World-wide

Mr Søren Petersen
Customer Service Project Manager
+45 96 89 86 41

Responsible for:

Technical Consultancy
for Rope Making equipment and winders

  • World-wide

Mr Lars Munch Antonsen
Sales Director
+45 96 89 86 20 


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