Roblon AD400

Doffing robot

Automatically changes tubeless packages on the Roblon Tornado 400 two-for-one twister
Removes the finished package from the spindle
Places the finished package on an external tray
Restarts the Tornado 400

Key features

  • Doffing in approximately 50 seconds

  • High, uniform package quality

  • Simple, robust design

  • Optimum efficiency

  • Increased productivity

  • Saves time

  • Saves man-hours

Yarn range 10,000-150,000 denier
Package type Tubeless
Package diameter 250-400 mm
Traverse 250-400 mm
Doffing time Approx. 50 seconds
Air consumption 85 L / doffing
Air pressure Min. 7 bar
Weight 300 kg
Download Product leaflet - PDF Download Product leaflet - PDF