March 10, 2022

Annual report 2021

Robco Engineering A/S has just presented a record-breaking annual report for 2021.

In 2021, the profit after tax of the year ended at DKK 9.1 mill. compared to DKK 4.4 mill. in 2020.

Robco Engineering has been manufacturing and selling rope making machines, twisters, and winders for more than 40 years, and today is a leading player within this niche. Over time, more than 11,000 machines have been sold, many of which are still in use.

Robco Engineering is known for producing reliable, high-quality machines and also for a very high level of service performed by own service engineers and spare parts for the entire machine range from its own inventory can be delivered from day to day.

The machines are sold to manufacturers of ropes for i.e. the agricultural, fishing, mining, and offshore and marine industries. With customers all over the world, approx. 95% of the turnover is export.

In most of the world, there has been a great desire to invest in the past year – also in the rope industry, and this has contributed to the 2021 result.

The record result has been created even though the Covid-19 pandemic also affected everyday life for almost two years, says CEO Lars Munch Antonsen:

– Like everyone else, we were also negatively affected by Covid-19. This meant that travel and trade fair activity, visits to our customers, etc. have been very limited. In addition, we also experience delivery challenges on components and raw materials, so our situation does not differ from most other companies. But fortunately, despite these challenges, we have managed very well through the pandemic. This is partly due to the agility of the company and because the staff has worked efficiently and adapted to navigate in the best possible way through this time. That is why everyone in and around Robco Engineering is extra proud of the 2021 result.

There are also positive expectations for the future. Robco Engineering expects a 2022 result aligned or even better than 2021. Robco Engineering has already started the current financial year very strongly and entered the year with a historically high backlog of orders.

Key figures for the last three years:

  2019 2020 2021 
 Gross profit (mill. DKK) 37.7 34.8 42.9 
 EBITDA (mill. DKK) 8.2 9.4 15.3 
 Result of the year (mill. DKK) 3.6 4.4 9.1