The Robco Tornado 400 two-for-one twister for twisting paper

The two-for-one double twisting function has a positive impact on the production speed and due to the tubeless package size of Ø400×400 mm, no re-winding is necessary.

A wire system for balloon control improves production stability and allows for higher speeds.

Besides the Tornado 400, our paper twisting system consists of a paper inlet assembly and two pay-offs including dancer assemblies.

A kiss-roll, specially designed for applying finish/colour to the paper, is also available.

• For producing large packages
• Fully closed hydraulic take-up
• Highly efficient
• For production of paper cord for paper bag handles, for furniture seats,
  for agricultural tying, paper yarns, decorative cord and much more

Key features
• Precision cross-winding with or without tube
• High-quality tubeless packages
• Easy threading
• Fast, easy doffing
• Low energy consumption
• Low noise level
• Simple, robust design
• Highly reliable
• Highly efficient
• Easy to maintain

 Twists per meter 12-78, S and Z
 Flyer speed Max. 1,200 rpm
 Twists per minute Max. 2,400 variable
 Take-up Max. Ø400 x 400 mm
 Take-up, max. weight 22.5 kg
 Paper cord diameter
Ø2-5.5 mm
 Production per minute Up to 200 meters

Take-up capacity

 Paper cord diameter 
 Ø2 mm 12,800 m
 Ø3 mm 5,700 m
 Ø4 mm 3,200 m


Production capacity

 Paper cord diameter TPM Kg
 Ø2 mm 40 51
 Ø3 mm 35 130
 Ø4 mm 30 270

Estimated example based on 1,200 rpm, efficiency rate: 100%, 8 hours production